Yo! What Up????

Allow me to introduce myself.  My name is Sir Meatball and my new boss Vincent Bianchi has hired me to be in charge of his blog page, Yea, like he is too busy to do it himself.  Like running a restaurant is sooo freakin hard.  Gimme a break, walk in, shake a few hands of his customers, maybe give a few of them hugs, then what, bus a few tables and get on his workers about cleaning and in his words, ” to stop Freaking texting”.  Sounds really hard to me, but I am not complaining, I write a few words and get some of his delicious food in return.  Now lets get back to my favorite subject,   ME. 

No,I do not write for a living, ( I am doing it for the Coin and Food, these are tough times),  in fact I did not even graduate 8th grade, but I have lots of awesome ideas and interesting subjects to cover.  For example: FOOD.  Other topics will be marinara sauce, lasagna, and my favorite… Meatballs!  Fugit about it! 

Anyway, we will also answer some of life’s most pressing questions.  Like why does everyone want to be Italian and why does it seem all the best actors are Italian?  You know like, De Niro, Pachino, Sly Stallone  (Yo Adrian), De Caprio, Nicholas Cage,  you get my drift right?  There wouldn’t even be movies without Italians..  Oh I forgot Pauley and Mike “the Situation”.  Just Kidding. lol.  I don’t watch the show myself, but I give those guidos some credit, what, they are making like 10 G a show.  Not bad in today’s economy.  Let me just give you all a little warning ahead of time though.  Sir Meatball is not politically correct.  His Blog is not for the faint of heart.  ( I always wanted to go a little first person on You all).  BUT, his words will come from the heart, be full of passion and full of truths.  I do not need anyone breaking my balls about what I blog about.  I do the Ball Bustin, it is MY blog. You got that?  AND if you don’t like it, you might find a horses head in your bed in the morning, or just do not read it. 

Anyways, look forward to shooting the shit with you all and until next time VIVA ITALIA.